Increasing website traffic can be confusing sometimes

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Technical Questions

1. My Alexa Rank isn't budging, what gives?

Be patient, Alexa Rank can sometimes take 1-2 weeks to update fully, and some data shows that Alexa only updates every Monday for sites with global rank of 100,000+. We recommend putting on autosurf for a few weeks. Also keep in mind, Global Rank is a three month average, so it can take up to that amount for Global Rank to truly reflect.

2. My hits don't match up to my Google Analytics?

Because of the way Google Analytics counts its "Visits" (See: Your hits/points may not match up because Google Analytics counts multiple hits from the same user as 1 "Visit". We could never guarantee that your hits will match up 1:1 to your analytics but we can guarantee that your points will be used and hits delivered and your Alexa Rank will be boosted.

3. Am I able to select which countries I get traffic from?

Yes you can, please note however that this will mean you may get less traffic if you specify a country that we don't really have too many users from. You can experiment with the different countries we have available and choose more than one country so you get those visitors.

4. Can I use Boostup Browser Auto Surf inside a VPS or Virtual Machine ?

Absolutely, we actually prefer this as you can auto surf longer and accrue more points without interfering with your normal browsing habbits.

5. Can I run Multiple Boostup Browsers

Yes, if you have access to multiple computers then you can run one session of traffic exchange on each of them assuming that they also have different public IPs.

6. When will I start receiving hits?

It can take upto 15 minutes to start getting traffic hits to your website through our traffic exchange.

7. How many hits do I get per minute?

That depends on the visitor duration that you have set to your website. Let's assume that you have submitted one website with a visitor duration of 30 seconds, which is 0.5 minutes. Such website will receive 2 hits for one minute.

Changes From Alexa Boostup

1. I had an Alexa boostup account. Do I need to create a new one ?

No, all alexa boostup accounts including your points will be transferred over to rank boostup on the 10th of August 2015

2. What will change for free accounts ?

The main changes are that auto surf will now be using our new disruption-free Boostup Browser (with alexa toolbar installed) and Free Accounts will have a maximum of 3 websites per account.

3. What other changes are there from Alexa boostup?

Check out Our New Features. Rank Boostup will be much more powerful and easier to use for everyone.

Terms of Use

1. Can I place Advertisements on my landing pages or use Google Adsense?

We don't mind, however you will need to keep in mind some ad companies do not allow you to participate in traffic exchange programs, so check with your ad network, we will not be responsible for any lost affiliate commissions.

2. Can I run pop unders or popups on my landing pages?

No, we currently don't allow pop unders or pop ups, our boostup browser software prevents these from opening up.

3. Can I promote adult related websites?

No, we currently don't allow adult websites to be ran on this network. Anyone found to be using adult websites will immediately be banned and removed. If you have seen someone doing this, please send us a Ticket.